Hello 2015! We are meeting again ,my favourite virtual friends!    So, after living my life in real world, I decided to live a little in the virtual world too.    This summer I traveled to Italy and I stood there for 2 months,at my mom’s place, I met a lot of nice people:Italians (hello,is […]


Omg, it seems an eternity since I wrote something on my blog …sorry… These 3 last months were the worst and difficult months I had so far. Finally, I’m done with all this stressful stuff: 1 .yearbook photos 2. prom dress ..hair, makeup 3 .final exams I can say that I’m reay for a new […]


Earth hour? I think it’s the nicest idea I heard lately despite the fact that this idea was born in 2009. Anyway..hope that you guys will do the same that I do. Turn off all the energy object you have in the house ( including your phone) and take a nap, or look at the […]


Today is an important day for all Romanian people, is our National Day ! Also called „Great Union Day” because the union of Transylvania but also of the provinces of Bessarabia and Bukovina with The Romanian Kingdom! Happy Birthday to all Romanian people, from everywere!! La multi ani Romania !!!  

Elena Stiole wishlist

I think everybody should have a wishlist in their minds, something they wish to have in the future or to accomplish,but I can’t stop thinking about my Christmas wishlist . haha . Can you believe that in a month is Christmas again? Personally, I love Christmas and I think this day should be called „Family […]


I promised myself that I will have at least one post per week, and I try very hard to keep my promise, because for those who don’t know I’m senior year at high school and there is all that agitation with final exams, prom, yearbook photos and stuff… Anyway…in the last post we talked about […]


I always liked cats, all kind and colours of cats. I think that are the most amazing creatures and I understand the Ancient Egyptians with their obssesions for this amazing pet and the fact that they believed in Bastet ,the cat godess. I mean how can you not just love them? Recently I discovered that […]

Do you agree with me, that is not all about fashion ? If you are a person who attaches too much importance to money and material possessions, your answer will definetly be negative. But if you are a person who cares about other things besides „your new stylish bracelet” ;  „your absolutely fabulous scarf„; „your […]

One of my favourite places I like to visit a lot, and stay there for hours, is this swedish store called H&M . Is impossible to not been heard about it. There you can find a lot of amazing, chic and good quality clothes,bags,shoes and accessories, signed H&M. I highly recommend it ! :) If […]

My dream is to work in Marketing and Management domain,not just because I love office style(picture below) but also because I always liked everything about this business discipline. I will not start the definition, those interested can access wikipedia.com or something.. I just started my blogging activity. I had this dream since I first heard […]


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